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16 Year Old Boy Shocked The World By Winning An Event in WSL

Recently something shocking happened in the massive event of World Surf League (WSL) 2016. It was so much unbelievable for the surfer world. A boy named Sandon Whittaker won a WSL event at Cloud 9. It is shocking news because the surfer is only sixteen years old and he is from Australia. He won the Siargao Surfing Cup Qualifying Series (QS) in the WSL event. He completed QS 1,500 in 2-3 foot tides at Cloud 9. Whittaker defeated Philmar Alipayo in the Final of this event. Philmar was popular locally and he is from Philippines. It was one of the biggest events for Whittaker, according to Whittaker.

Whittaker is an Australian surfer and he won an event of WSL 2016. He surfed with tons of great skills on those big and scary waves to win the final at Cloud 9. This guy used the rights, lefts, walls and barrels to get a good and strong score in the whole event. With his lightning fast backhand snaps his heat 12.85 in total to snatch the victory in the Final.


After winning the Final Whittaker said, “This is a dream come true,” Whittaker said. “This is only my third QS event so I had low expectations, especially being a 16-year-old with all the older guys, it doesn’t feel real. Coming up against Philmar was scary because local knowledge is so important here. I’ve seen him switch-footing in barrels and doing all sorts of crazy stuff so I knew it would be tough. With this win I’m keen to look toward more QS events and try and get into the QS6, 000’s next year.”

He also said, “When my heat was coming up yesterday I could hear the announcer calling my name and I was still at my hotel ready to give up because I felt so sick. The people I’m staying with were all showing me so much support along with my dad so I thought I’d have a go and have a crack and not disappoint them. I’m feeling a lot better now, just an amazing vibe.”

This young surfer got his victory after lots of hard work in the competition. To get the championship title he had to beat sixty three other challengers from different country. But there was a moment when he was almost got out of the competition, but somehow with his excellent performance he got away with that situation and won the Final. This victory is not just a simple victory for Whittaker, it will inspire him throughout the whole surfing life and in future he will do better.

To reach to the final the boy had to go through so many difficulties and everyone knows that nowadays competition is not so easy for everyone, whatever the prize is. Everyone compete in an event just to win and earn all the respect from everyone. Shane Holmes was another one who competed with Whittaker in the final of WSL 2016 at Cloud 9 and he showcased some of his original surfing powers to go through the Final. He got excellent heat of 7.87 in total in the Semifinal from the judges and then he rode on the next tide but he didn’t get anything much from that.

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