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2016 RVCA Pro Junior Champion Tyler Gunter

2016 RVCA Pro Junior competition of surfing has just ended and today I’m here to give you guys the name of the winner of this competition. This is the best Junior Tour events till now for the fresh surfers including all the young surfers, so for those entire young surfers this competition is the staircase of reaching onto another level of surfing. Tyler Gunter is the man who won his first ever Pro Junior competition and guess what, he got the title in his own home town of 56th Street Jetty within Newport Beach, Calif. He became the hero of his hometown and as it was his hometown he had to take the challenge to win the competition along with Nolan Rapoza, Jake Marshall, and Micky Clarke. They all met in the tremendous final of Pro Junior Tour and all the audiences over there witnessed an incredible competition and they don’t think that they can forget this competition ever. All the people of Gunter’s community gave him a great support and cheered for him all the time to get him up for the first time to win the 1st position in his surfing career.

Tyler started his day with a contestant of Semifinal in prime 556th Street Jetty situations as he tied up with multiple barrels on offer. From there he came out and defeated all of them with his talented skills to take him in the place in Rapoza. Gunter got his great confidence form that awesome performance and then he never looked back until becoming the champion. Hi won the final of Pro Junior with a fast 4.17 and included to it with a 6.67 before getting a near-fantastic 7.33. From here he kept his lead until the finish before raising the number to an 8.10 to snatch his win and get his maiden victory.


“This is the best day of my life, that was so crazy and I can’t believe it right now, ” Tyler said. He also said, “After I made it through the Semis I didn’t even care, I was so pushed with the tides just hitting. This is my favorite sort of Newport and I surf it like this a lot so I was definitely stoked to know what waves to pick that would let me get a score one. It felt good to get those two turns to really get my Final started and once I got that everything just seemed to get better and better. I just felt like I couldn’t fall.”

After winning the Pro Junior Tour he got a place into the World Junior Championships and now he is in the 5th place on the North America Junior Tour rankings which is now becoming the last event of this year. Gunter is not relaxing after winning his first ever Pro Junior Tour title, yet he is now working harder than before to take part in other events and he is now trying to improve his surfing skills to get more good performance.

“After the second or third event I didn’t think I’d have a chance at making it into Worlds this year with a bunch of Quarterfinal finishes,” Gunter said. “Now it looks like I might have a shot so hopefully go into Barbados and do the same thing. I don’t want to get too excited knowing I need another great result but it’s really cool to be in the running for that and I’d love a chance to get in there.”

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