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At Ballina on NSW North Coast Shark Attacked Surfer

If you are a surfer and your passion is surfing, then all the time you need to go to the ocean water to surf. But not every time ocean will go in your favor, sometimes you are just helpless in front of the power of nature. Because there are so many dangerous things in the water of ocean and shark is one of the most dangerous creatures that swim around the water of ocean. These ocean sharks are very much dangerous, they can kill you easily and no man is any match to a shark.

A surfer named Cooper has been attacked by a shark at the surfing spot of Ballina district. Fortunately at that time the surfer was lucky to get back with his life and now he is little bit in a good condition at one of the hospitals of the Ballina district. His thigh is still injured and doctors are expecting that he will make a complete recovery soon. The shark that has attacked Cooper Allen was massive white shark and the size of this gigantic shark was about 3 to 4 meters. The shark was spotted in the coast of close Lennox Head and Tyagarah in that morning of attack and in the meantime there was another big white shark was seen at the Clarkes Beach. Nowadays these sharks are coming constantly near the surfing spot which is not very good news for surfers and even for normal peoples also.

Authority closed all the beaches nearby for 24 hours and a young boy has been injured seriously after the attack of shark. The boy was 17 years old only and he was riding in his surfboard at Ballina’s Lighthouse Beach. He was attacked by the shark just before 9am described Courier Mail.


The boy was saved by his fellow surfers and he got injured at right side of his body. His legs and torso was also in serious injury after that attack of that big white shark. Emergency paramedic team was there when he pulled back from the water and he was then taken to the Lismore Base Hospital for further treatment.

There was nothing detailed found out about that shark, but there will be an investigation to light out this incident by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. The place was given an undesired title of “Shark Attack Hotspot”, because in last few years twelve shark attacks happened around 20 km area of that beach and here Ballina is situated in the middle of that beach.

Another surfer was attack at the same time and his name is Sam Morgan. Sam is a pro surfer and his age is 20 years and a shark bitted him in left thigh. And he was attacked by a bull shark in November last year near the Lighthouse Beach. The incident of Moragan is the most dangerous one in that surfing spot. Matt Lee was also being attacked by shark and he got injured in his legs and he was attacked at the same spot where Sam was attacked. Most unfortunate attacked was occurred in the Shelly Beach in that attack a Japanese surfer named Tadashi Nakahara died and he was attacked by a massive white shark last year.

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