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Bad Judging According To The Surfers Of WSL

Many surfers questioning about the judging of WSL that’s why now the organizers of WSL is concerned about the matter. Jeremy Flores the French surfer who became the last WSL Championship Tour surfer opened his mouth about the lacking of judging in WSL. He also said that he had a bad experience with judging panel of the WSL since last six years.

The bad judging of the judges of the WSL came out when they gave doubtable scores to the three surfers who are all set to win the world title of this year. These surfers are Gabriel Medina, Matt Wilkinson and Julian Wilson and they were bad judged at the Lowers of the Hurley Pro. All these surfers showed their anger about the judgment of the WSL via social media and this matter creates a fire amongst the fan of them on the social media. Fans are also now angry at the judges of WSL and they are showing their anger on the social media channels of the WSL.

Flores gave his opinion about the judging controversies to his instagram and said that the judging level of WSL is amateur in compare to other big sport’s judging.

Flores said on his instagram account “I’ve just been saying it for the last 6 years & got fined a million of times for asking explanations.”
After all these social reaction of popular surfers now everyone is rising up against the judging of WSL. How the level of judging can be at amateur level like this big sport event.

All the surfers who are competing in the WSL have debts, contracts, sponsors and they have sacrificed everything to reach at the level in which they are now. They all did every possible thing to develop the sport and that’s why all of them decided to make the sport more eligible for upcoming generation so that they don’t get an unfair event.

According to Flores judging is of course a difficult job to do but if there is not a good judging to a sport then the sport can get better. And most important fact is that the players of the game will get disappointed and they can even quit game. So it is not good to have a big sport like WSL bad judging.

Flores has a very bad history about the ASP/WSL judges when he was competing on this tour. In the J-Bay Open in 2014 he was fined for badly speaking with judges and he even threatened to be disqualified from the competition also. He was also suspended from attending at the next stop of the tour which was about to held in Tahiti.

The biggest fire up came from the surfer named Bobby Marinez because he was judged questionably during the Quicksilver Pro in New York. After that incident the surfer quit his professional surfing career and that was really a bad news for all his fans.

A surfer may have to fine around $1000 to $50,000 if he causes any trouble to the image of the surfing sport, according to the WSL rulebook. WSL is still didn’t comment about the recent outburst of surfers on social media and good news is that still no surfer got fine about this debating issue.

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