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Big Wave Surfer Frank Solomon’s Doing a Film

In this era every sport stars are acting in films, sometimes they love to work in films and it’s another great experience for them. When everyone is doing a film then why surfer’s needs to wait rather they are also working as the lead role in the films. Frank Solomon is a big-wave surfer and he is popular among peoples for his great big-wave surfing and all his fans also love him. This surfer is the lead role in a film called “Let’s Be Frank” and this film is about surfing according to many people out there. But the story line of this movie is not fully about surfing, there are some other stories included in this film. Let’s Be Frank premiers in 19th September. As you all know that the film’s star is a surfer and his name you already know Frank Solomon. So there is some surfing scenes of Solomon and some of his friends as well. In some of these scenes they are riding on the tides of South Africa one of the best surfing spot in the world. They are also surfing in other surfing spots such as Puerto Escondido, Ireland and many more in some other scenes of the movie.

The storyline of this movie is complex with awesome sets, strong punch script and some incredibly looking battle scenes which will make the movie super duper hit. Some of the scenes of ‘Let’s Be Friends’ is likely to some other films by Guy Ritchie or Wes Anderson than Taylor Steele or Kai Neville. There is absolutely nothing wrong in matching scenes with some other movie scenes, because nowadays it is common fact about all the movies those are coming out. In the movie RED there was some shots taken with helicopter in John Florence’s View from a Blue Moon which were captured in the ultra-high def resolution. I think the movie is going to be a great hit because the storyline is different from typical movies.

In this year we have seen a surf film name Gold, Forbidden Trim and now Let’s Be Frank is another one about surfing which is starring the beg-wave surfer Frank Solomon. Actually the last twelve months were filled with lots of humor in the subject of surf movies. Because the three guys Sterling Spencer, George Trimm, and Peter Hamblin put the surfing in the back and kept another storyline as the main story. In the movie Let’s Be Frank, the storyline mainly focuses on the big-tide surfer Frank Solomon, but it removes out the simple profile of Frank Solomon by a good surreal briefed framework. In the film a quest thirsty and messy haired man hears the name of Frank and with his great curiosity he goes out to find who Frank really is. John Florence plays the role of a mysterious villain in the film and he is about to kill Solomon.

If you are about to watch something cool in a movie which will help you to get motivation for your next step, then this movie is that one you want to watch. You will get engaged with this movie completely, you will just have to watch the movie by diming your lights of your room and increase the volume a little up.

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