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Competition is Increasing in Portugal

To take part in the Championship Tour is a tempting dream for every surfer. In this championship tour there will be lots of surfers including all the best surfers around the world. So it’s an incredible feeling for all the surfers to take part in this championship and make their journey to the life of surfing memorable. Here every surfer will travel with the world’s best surfers around the world and they will also get the best spots around the world to ride with their surfboards.

To compete in the Championship Tour all the surfers need to take part in the audition of Qualifying Series and the qualifying series will be held with a set of events that will feature various ranking weights emerged on prize purses. More than a dozen of shorter QS1000 events, some QS3000 and QS6000 events are included in the set of Qualifying Series. These different events will carry more weight than usual events. But the big and most important events that will come in this year is the QS10000 events and from these events surfers will earn a good amount of points. Unfortunately there are not so many events of QS10000, only five are scheduled in 2016. So, overall every surfers need to play all these qualifying events to take part in the big Championship Tour which will take place in the Portugal this year.

Ballito Pro competition is finished and Vans US Open of Surfing is wasted, actually it didn’t met the expectation. This year there are so many events is not happening in Brazil and the exact amount is about 10,000 events that’s why the whole sport of this year changed amazingly. Because of this reason large number of events now each and every event is getting important and very much competitive too. Now every surfer taking all these events seriously and that’s why the competition is increasing every day. 10,000 events are not happening on that basis, the Billabong Pro Cacais is going to be harder than ever.


Let’s talk about an expert surfer from the competition, I’m talking about Jadson Andre who is in the 22 No. position in the CT Jeep Leaderboard. This guy is too much focused to hold his CT career for this year also, and he is making it clear by showing amazing performance in some events. The position in the CT Jeep Leaderboard will help this surfer to get through this Championship Tour, but if he is unable to keep his position in the rundown he will definitely miss the CT cutoff. Then he will have to play the QS to qualify for the Championship Tour. Jadson is now in Cascais to keep his promise.

Jadson became so popular and people now like him more and this happens with performance of his last few seasons. He always fights until the last minute of any competition and he always get appreciation from his mates for his loveable personality. He is popular among his fans because of his smiling face and he takes selfies with them also. This Brazilian surfer is amazingly talented and a breathtaking competitor too. But he is not like Gabriel Medina, Adriano de Souza and Filipe Toledo in comparison of performance.

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