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Early Guesses of World Title Race Surfing 2016

World Title Race is the most awaited event for all the surfers out there. But from a long time this big competition was not exciting enough as it was before. So the authority of this massive event is all set to give a great event to the surfers all over the world and also to all the audiences as well. Now there is tons of excitement in the air going on and people are guessing who might be the winner of this year’s World Title, even surfers are also too much excited about the huge competition of the year.

The fame of WSL created a strong system and with the help of this strong system we can determine the yearly World Champion, isn’t it a good system. Audiences of WSL take the guesses seriously sometimes, which is not all the time correct after all it is just guessing. After reading this post you people will thank us that all the time it is not cunning to believe in guessing.


Now let’s talk about all those surfers who won the World Title Race in the past and who is the winner now. We need to see who did what in the past so that we can find out who might be the next winner of World Title Race 2016.  The previous year in this greatest surfing event Adriano de Souza was in the 1st place with 34,950 points and with 34,700 points Mick Fanning was the runner-up. At present famous surfer John Florence leads the World Title with 39,000 points and Matt Wilkinson is in the 2nd position with 36,000 points. Gabriel Medina is in the 3rd position with 35,700 points now. These top three surfers are also in the top of the guessing results of people as well as experts. It is believed that John and Gabby can be the cruel surfers for this season’s World Title. Both these surfers are capable of winning the World Title Race 2016 and after seeing the results of last five years of these three surfers you will also believe it too.

John Florence couldn’t do too much well in the year of 2014 and like John Florence, Gabriel Medina did a terrible performance in last year. 2015 was the best year in last five years for the 1st position holder of present time John Florence. In 2015 John gave him all time best performance in all the events he attended but only in the France event he couldn’t perform well. Gabriel Medina’s best year in the last five years is 2013 and in that year he won some good title in surfing. Now let’s talk about the king of surfing for last five years Matt Wilkinson, for last five years, this guy performed constantly good in all the competition of surfing he took part in.


2012 was the great year for him in last five years and in that year he has got some amazing achievements with his amazing surfing skills. He performed extremely well than any other surfers for last five years, so he might be the strongest challenger in the event of World Title Race 2016.


Though Wilkinson has all the skills to be the champion in this event but most of the people think that 2016 may be the year for John Florence and Gabriel Medina. These two surfers are the most talented and skillful surfers in the world and they are fighting for the 2016 World Title Race at the same time. So this year fans of these two will witness the historical competition between these two this year and it makes the event much more exciting than ever. But you never know maybe a fresh face will snatch the World Title Race 2016 from these three favorite surfers.

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