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Fear Of Sharks is Increasing Day By Day

In recent years shark attack is increasing on the seaside, actually mostly at the surfing spots. So many surfers including ordinary peoples are attacked by these big sharks especially by big white shark. Most recent shark attack that we have seen is the brutal shark attack at the Ballina coast and this attack done just after the ‘eco barrier’ shark-nets were discarded. According to a report of the ‘eco’ prefix that almost $16 million shark protection rules have been decreased to near-shore floating logs. Then at that time one more, young surfer was crunched, fortunately he recovered fully.

The attack at Ballina didn’t happen because of “eco barrier” failure, but the attacks that have been occurred at the NSW and Australia, those attacks happened because of the Australian government failure. They didn’t have a perfect way and rules to investigate about shark attack stop strategies and research. Last attacks that happened in the NSW despite there were shark culls and shark nets were present in the water of beach. There is no proper research about shark culls and shark nets to make sure that these ways actually can protect people from being attacked by sharks. So I think government should pay attention to this fact to research about how strongly we can prevent shark attacks.


Lots of experts had a strong prediction about the cull that has been given on the ocean water to protect from shark attack will not be safe enough. West Australian government placed the shark cull to a certain area of ocean, but at the time of placing the cull about 100 shark researchers gave an open letter of reprehension that the measure they calculated to protect is not effective enough to protect the area from sharks. Till now culls are not a very effective way to prevent shark attack on the other hand it invites sharks to come along to make things more dangerous.


At this very moment we all just need a strong and effective decision from those who have now powers in their hands. Proponent of shark cull blaming the politicians for shark attacks which is not the right thing to do right now. Some news outlets are trying to make things worse by creating rumors amongst peoples. Some newspapers are saying that sharks are man-eating giants to sell their newspapers with an increasing amount. Tony Abbott most popular surfer of Australia surfed ahead of the shark nets and culls and a radio channel telecast this news badly. That radio channel did it just to make a little more benefit from that news, isn’t it damn faking.

The issue of shark attack is emotional issue for the surfers who attacked by sharks in the affected areas and it is also very sad for their family as well. This became a threat for all the surfers who surfs those affected areas and now they are in a great terror to surf onto those areas. Now surfing life has become nothing else then being sharks food, which is not very good news for all surfers including us. So now is the time to make a better policy with the help of scientists and shark researchers to prevent shark attacks. The only way by which government can make a perfect effective policy, if they gather some knowledge about the problem.

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