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Four Semi Finalists Of WSL

This year’s WSL has become so predictable that now we can guess the names of semi finalists from now on. The Hurley Pro has finished and the event has thrown all that was on its top. Now let’s talk about the main event WSL, in this event tour everyone is getting great excitement. Two names of this event is becoming incredibly popular, one is John John Florence and another one is Gabriel Medina and both this surfers are quite capable to compete in the final of WSL.

Instead of these two there are three more surfers who are outside from the top five right now. But most amazing news is that one more has came into top five out of nowhere with an interesting wild card entry. Wild card entry is now creating a suspension about that surfer in the competition, will he be able to give a great challenge.

At the Lowers four names remains as the last survivors of the WSL event. These four names are Felipe Toledo, Jordy Smith, Tanner Gudauskas and Joel Parkinson. They survived as the last survivor with lots of struggle and they are well deserved to be in the competition till the very end.

Smith is the one who will gain most from this event. He is in the 5th place on the rankings of WSL and this South African surfer will get a great boost in the rankings if he wins one. With the boost of rankings in WSL he can also get his maiden world title as well. But to get the world title would be the most difficult task for Smith because he will have to defeat Felipe Toledo the Brazilian surfer in his semi final. And Toledo is not going to give this opportunity to Smith very easily, because he is also focused well to get the world title.


In another semifinal, there will be a surfing fight against the veteran versus the rookie. And these two surfers are Joel Parkinson the ultimate world champion and another one is Gudauskas the wild card entry.

This is what going on in the men’s event of WSL, now let’s talk about the women’s event of WSL. Right now Steph Gilmore made a place in women’s semi final by defeating world champion Carissa Moore and she is also continuing her top position by doing great in every match.

Steph got fired up by getting two back-to-back 8-point surfs and she got these points by putting Moore into a horrible situation. Steph given an unbreakeable challenge of 16.10 in total to Moore and the world champion couldn’t beat the total in time. The match was the 27th match between the two world champions and Steph Glimore got her 13th win over Moore.


After winning Steph Glimore said, “I was actually really nervous going into that because I haven’t gotten past the Quarterfinals in a while and I haven’t won an event in a while.”

“I just tried to go out there and do what I know how to do. I think Carissa [Moore] and I have had the strongest rivalry between us more than any other girls on Tour and it always feels really good to beat her. I’m just excited to get past that Quarterfinal monkey on my back.

Obviously to see Courtney [Conlogue] go out was good for Tyler [Wright], but we’re all here for one thing, and I want to win.”

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