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Jordy And Kelly Elliminated From Quick Pro

Landes and Nouvelle completed round 2 of the Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro that held in France. The massive event Samsung Galaxy World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour finished with great situations and some interesting moments also. That day got some shocking moments as the current rankings shattered by the challenging French beach. All those three events were great and it entertained all the surf lovers this whole year and there was also some unpredictable situation occurred such as the wild card entry of a surfer. And that surfer progressed to Semi Final of World Surf League (WSl).

Local wildcard entry Joan Duru defeated by Matt Wilkinson who has the 3rd position on the Jeep Leaderboard and got the ticket to compete in round 3. Both these surfers competed with each other so well that it made the day for audiences who were present at the day of competition. They competed on some back-to-back waves, but Wilkinson snatched the victory by showing some awesome skills of controlling on those difficult conditions.


Matt Wilkinson said, “The waves were really fun and rippable and I knew Joan (Duru) living here is probably one of the most solid guys to come up against,” Wilkinson said. “We ended up getting two really good waves each and I’m stoked I came out on top. I’m pretty relieved, I gave him an absolute bomb at the start and to come back from that and win is satisfying.”

An Australian rookie put an end of Jordy Smith’s WSL Championship Tour by defeating him in Round 2 of the Quicksilver Pro France. Jordy Smith had the no. 4 position in the Jeep Leaderboard rankings. In the first half of the competition, it looked like Smith would win but in the end, Ryan got the victory over Smith by showing off his excellent skills of surfing.


Another wild card entry Leonardo Fioravanti an Italian surfer gave a great threat to other surfers of the Championship Tour of this year. He put an end to the WSL competition of Kelly Slater who is a good surfer from the USA and another interesting fact about the surfer is that he was 11- time WSL Champion. Leonardo the Italian surfer gave a heat of total 13. 26 and in the meantime Kelly Slater was having a difficult time on those conditions of surfing.

Leonardo Fioravanti said, “I don’t have any pressure at CT events, I’m not trying to re-qualify or win a World Title here so I just want to have fun and when I went up against Kelly (Slater) again I just want to make the most out of it,” “Whether I won or lost it was going to be an unbelievable experience. The more experience I get the better it is for next year if qualifying actually happens, so every heat is another 30 minutes in a World Tour rashie and I want to get as much as I can before I get my own rashie. Kelly is my idol and I’m always learning from him, spending some time with him in Margaret and Fiji has been a huge learning curve for me.”

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