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Meanwhile Windsurfing A Man Solved Rubik’s Cube

Windsurfing is just another version of normal surfing and windsurfing is also popular among every surfer who loves to surf. If you are not a surfer then there might be a question going on your mind and the question is what actually windsurfing is? Windsurfing is the combination of surfing and sailing over the surface of water. Usually there is a board used to windsurf which is normally 2.5 meters to 12 meters. If you are not a regular surfer then you will find windsurfing difficult, but once you get all the skills to windsurf then it is the most enjoyable sport in the world.

Windsurfing is never easy for all the surfers out there and it becomes most critical and dangerous when you are trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the meantime of windsurfing. Not all the surfers in the world can perform this difficult task while windsurfing and only some windsurfers may be able to do this dangerous task. Michael George is the man, who solved a Rubik’s Cube while windsurfing, isn’t that a cool news? Mike is not a typical windsurfer you think, he is just something else and he proved it with his great talent. He just converted his dream into reality by solving Rubik’s Cube during windsurfing.

Michael George has two hobbies, one is windsurfing and another hobby is solving Rubik’s Cube quick. Both these hobbies have no similarity, yet he still does it with a great excitement. During the time of windsurfing he solved a Rubik’s Cube with the help of just one hand and with the other hand he grabbed his surfboard. He finished the mathematical term within just 32 seconds and ended in COLL (Corners and Orientation of the Last Layer). Here is his briefing about the fact –

“I really cannot remember how that kind of idea came to me, yet I’ve been trying to offer it a go for almost a year. I was just waiting for the right time, sunny day, sunny, windy, flat water, and plenty of spot! I watched a video of Feliks Zemdegs solving a cube in the meantime of skiing and I also saw Rubik’s Cube solving during cycling and skateboarding.”

“I thought it might be pretty damn cool to do it planning on a windsurfer and maybe I may be the first person to try such a difficult and crazy challenge! So I have decided to do that, I ride on the GoPro and set sail with a Rubik’s Cube to create the history in the world of windsurfing.”

“I thought I could be able to complete the challenge lot faster than I completed the task like closer to 20 seconds. But it wasn’t in my mind that I was going to solve the Cube while windsurfing and I also didn’t realize how tough the task would be while windsurfing. But I still believe that I did my level best and for the first I got surprised too. After doing this now there is another crazy idea has come to my mind, but I am not going to reveal that right now.”

Fact that we all should know about Rubik’s Cube – Rubik’s Cube was invented by the professor of architecture and sculptor Erno Ruik in 1974. But in that time he didn’t believe that this Rubik’s Cube would become the world’s best selling toy.

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