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Ocean Protection Tips for Fresh Surfers

Surfing is an amazing and magnetically enjoyable for all the surfers. It attracts surfers with its thrilling water experience and surfers also love to do surfing. Every year many new surfers are starting to surf every day, some love it and some surf because of its passion for them. Surfing is more exciting for the beginner surfer and most of the time these new surfers don’t understand the danger of water in the big ocean. So here are some tips we are going to write for all the fresh surfers out there. All these tips will help new surfers how to control the power of the ocean and to play with the oceans big waves.

Choose a Soft Surf Board

To choose a soft surfboard, first of all, you need to know about what materials a surfboard is made. Usually, a hard plastic resin is used to make the outer part of a surfboard that’s why the outer part of a surfboard can be damaged and if surfers don’t have this fact in mind then they can be injured badly. Beginner surfers need to find out a soft surfboard that will save you from a serious injury. Beginners can also check how good the surfboard can deal with damages and it can be a clever purchase if you can check that before buying a surfboard.

Typical surfboards will be expensive for beginner surfers and it can cost over hundred dollars only to repair it. On the other hand, soft surfboards are cheaper than the regular one and it would best for the beginners to purchase a used one for learning surfing. After learning surfing well you can purchase a good one with good money spent.

Find a Less Crowd Place

Now surfing has become a community game so it can be hard for you to find a place that has fewer surfers and peoples. But if you are a new surfer then you need to find a place with less crowd and surfers, because it will help you to surf comfortably. Sometimes you will feel embarrassed if you surf among a place that is filled with so many surfers and the crowd. It will not help you to learn surfing easily and comfortably.

For a beginner, it is hard to surf among so many people and they lost control of their board which can be dangerous. So surf in smaller crowds till you are not learned well enough to go out with a big crowd.


Practice Enough Before Getting into Water

It is always not necessary to go into the water from the beginning of learning surfing. You can practice more and more on land before getting into the water and trust me it will help you when you finally get into the water for real surfing. You can do cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and you can also do weight lifting and all these will help you while you will go into surfing. You can do all this exercise out of the water.

Popping up on someone’s surfboard looks simple to a non-surfer, but it is the most important fact for new surfers. If you learn popping up fast with durable feet then you will surf in big waves without falling off your surfboard. It would be great for you if you practice your pop up on the sand or in the house.

Spend More Time with Your Board

If you want to be a good surfer with some professional skills then there is no alternative except spending lots of time with your board. By spending lots of time on your surfboard you will find out the lucky spot including paddling and standing.

Save Yourself from Falling

Every new surfer fall and there is nothing to be ashamed of because falling is common even experienced surfers also fall. Always be prepared to jump off from your board safely when it seems like you are about to fall. Keep this in mind that never jump off your surfboard into the middle of a big wave and always try to fall into the water with your head facing the water.

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