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Paint Your Surfboard Like A Professional

After reading this post I hope you will be able to paint your surfboard as a professional and you don’t even need anyone’s help. If you are thinking that I’m bluffing then you are truly wrong, just read this post and you will get to know how to paint your surfboard like a pro. Those who want their surfboard to look amazingly artistic then you can paint your surfboard.

Necessary Equipments:

A Canvas – you canvas can be anything you like, it can be your home walls, skateboards, surfboards and just anything. But in this post we are about to learn how to paint a surfboard. So you can easily use your surfboards as a canvas to paint, because canvas is the first equipment that you will need while you are about to start your painting.

Posca Pens – you can easily get these pens from the store of arts and crafts and these pens work on every surface you want to paint.

Pencil and Eraser – This two things will help you to draw the outline of your main artistic work.

Rag, Kerosene or Acetone, Pillow/sheet.

Used paper piece to prime pens.

To create smudges use Clean Sheets of paper/cotton glove.


Be You

Be you, these two words means that do what your heart says and paint wherever you want. You can paint anything when it looks impressive and if it motivates you then do that without thinking about anything in this world. Because painting is your personal freedom and you can art on anything with any idea of your mind. Many sites on Google has inspiration gallery of Posca artwork, but the inspiration gallery of Louis and Caspian de Looze is incredible and there are so many things that you can learn. So you can look the images of those galleries and try to make a painting on your surfboard. I’m sure you can art on your board impressively.

You Should Know The Range of Posca Pen


To choose the range of Posca Pen is the most important fact before painting your surfboard. Range of Posca Pen depends on what you are going to art and you need to select your pen according to your painting. There are 7 tip sizes range available in Posca Pens and they are PC – 1mm, PC – 1.5mm, PC – 2.5mm and PC – 8mm/PC – 17mm. First one which is about 1mm in size is just amazing for a detailed painting and by the increasing of tip sizes all the pens get a little thicker. So if you need to cover lots of area then you can use the last one which size is 15mm.

Clean The Area You Want To Paint

The area of your surfboard that you will use for your painting needs to be clean it first. If you want to clean the area perfectly then clean it with boiled water and then dry the spot with a hair dryer. Your paint will last long and the board will hold the paint properly.

Make Outline Before Final Painting

Create outline with the help of a pencil before final painting and you also need to get an eraser as well to erase improper artwork. When you will paint then this outline will be covered, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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