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Qualifying Race is On for CT Rookies in Europe

Nowadays qualifying race is much more difficult for new surfers. Only three big events left for the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour that’s why all the attention is on the race for the big world title of this year. For the Jeep Leaderboard, there is a much more difficult and large race is going on and all the surfers need to get a good grip on this leaderboard. Dozens of surfers including new surfers and experienced surfers are racing hard for their tour lives. New surfers are not so much behind than old surfers in this high voltage competition.

New Surfing Challengers For 2017

Connor O’Leary (Australia)

This Australian Surfer is new in this competition but he has a good potential to take a great stand in the competition. His performance is I think good enough to give a good challenge to the other surfers in the competition.


Best Performance: Connor O’Leary wins the 1st position in the Ballito Pro event with 10,000 points.

He got the 2nd place in the Carve Pro event with 750 points and he also owns the 5th position at Newcastle. All these results are nothing in front of his QS10, 000 win that is held in South Africa.

Leonardo Fioravanti (Italy)

This fresh face is from Italy and he can be a good challenger to other surfers with some of his amazing performance.

Leonardo fioravanti

Best Performance: Best performance of Leonardo Fioravanti is the runner-up position in the Australian Open competition with 4500 points x 3. With 3500 points he owned the 3rd position in the Azores. This guy is having a great time this year at the QS where he has got the runner-up position and he finished 5th in the Margaret River with good CT opportunities. All these experience will help him to get a good result in this competition as well.

Joan Duru (France)

From France, a fresh face is coming to play this event with a bunch of his great achievements and Juan Duru is the name of this new surfer of this competition. This 27-year old surfer can be a good competitor in the competition with his good surfing skills.

juan duru
Juan duru

Best Performance: Joan Duru got the 7th position at Volcom Pipe Pro and got 1180 points from that event. From 2011 he is struggling on the QS and he managed to get the 20th position in back 2014 at QS. But he couldn’t do well in the CT level which can be his weakness for this competition.

Ethan Ewing (Australia)

This Australian surfer is also entering this competition as a new face and he is young enough to deliver a fast and challenging performance in this competition. He has a few achievements in his surfing performance which can help him to get a good result in this competition too.

Ethan ewing

Best Performance: He earned 750 points by winning the 2nd position in the Tweed Telstra Pro competition and it is his best performance till now. Most amazing fact about this surfer is that he is too young in this competition and he is only 17 years old. He got the attention in this age because of his dominant performance in the Pro Junior division 2016 that is held in Australia and he also showed some good skills in the surfing at QS.

Evan Geiselman (USA)

Evan Geiselman, he is from the USA and he can be a good competitor in this event. He is also entering in this event as a fresher.

Evan geiselman

Best Performance: He owned the 1st place at Chiba Open and got 6000 points as well.

With his 17th position at the Azores, he earned 1050 points. He has got wings in his back after surviving from drowning at a Pipeline last winter and now he is faster than ever. With his fresh life now he enjoys surfing more than the previous time.

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