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Top Surfers of 2016

There are lots of rumors going on out there about who are the best top surfers of 2016. We are now here to give you a list of best surfers of this year. So look down to find out all the top surfers of 2016.

#1 Alejo Muniz

Alejo Muniz is on the top of the list of best surfers 2016 with his lots of achievement and incredible surfing skills. This talented surfer born on February 22, 1990, and he was from Brazil. This year he is looking greater for the World Title Race 2016. With 6,000 points Alejo is at the top of the QS and now he is less worried about the rest days of the year with his good condition of surfing. He wins the 1st position in the Quiksilver Estoril Pro and he is also selected for the Vans Triple Crown Rookie of this year. This guy has a great personality and with his personality, he is popular among the fans. He wins lots of hearts with his great skills of surfing.


Alejo Muniz

#2 Caio Ibelli

Caio Ibelli is another top surfer of 2016 and coincidently he is also from Brazil. He was born on 11 October 1993 and brought up on the small island off the south shore of Sao Paulo and the name of that island is Garuda. The island is known for ultra-consistent breaks of the beach. This young talented surfer got some skills that attract some experienced surfers to call him a good surfer. People noticed this young talent in 2012 when he gained ASP World Junior Champion. He can be the challenger for other surfers in the World Qualifying Series.

Caio Ibelli

#3 Joan Duru

He is a surfer of France and he was born on April 25, 1989. This guy has so much energy and some good skills that give him a large group of fan following. Because of a huge fan list, this guy is so much furious in surfing and day by day he is improving in surfing. Joan can tame big waves of the ocean with his good skills of surfing. Joan can attract people magnetically with his amazing performance in surfing. He is a surfer with some unique skill and the guy is talented also. He has a way of smart looking which is also a great virtue. This guy has lots of achievement in his surfing career.


#4 Alex Ribeiro

Alex Ribeiro is a Brazilian surfer and the guy is quite popular in the world of surfing. With an age of 25 years, this surfer got lots of popularity by showing his incredible performance in surfing. This guy is talented in surfing with his strong backhand and he can control his surfboard amazingly. He took part in the 20 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix event and showcased some of his great skills in surfing. Alex Ribeiro developed his skills well enough to get on the list of top best surfers of the world.

Alex Ribeiro


#5 Davey Cathels

This 24 years old surfer is one of the best surfers from Australia. Davey Cathels worked hard to be one of the best surfers not only in the Australia but also in the world. He is famous for his superb backside fin-ditch and constant good skills. His performance of this year is noticeable because he is showing a good skill in his surfing. He has the potential, style, energy, and mostly the talent to become an upcoming world champion. So in the qualifying race all other surfers need to check this guy out to take the championship seriously, otherwise, he can snatch the winning position from all other surfers.

Davey cathels

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