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Tyler Wright is Set For Winning World Title

Tyler Wright is now ready to win the big world title this year in Portugal. Winning possibility of world title for the first time of her is very high. She believes that she can win the title, her opponents are in a great fear by seeing her belief and her fans also think that she can be the champion of the Cascais Women’s Pro 2016. Now is the time to create the perfect scene to turn on the heat of the world title and Tyler knows what it can take to be a world champion.

At this last moment of the Cascais Women’s Pro she need to be in great stress in every turn, but it seems like it is not a big deal for her because she is handling every situation with her beautiful smile. She is smiling all the time, no matter what the situation is. Whenever she is in an interview she smiles and even she is smiling while talking with her coach Glenn Micro Hall. Her smiley face is creating a good suspension on other competitors and they are also working hard to win the world title.


Tyler’s smile got bigger after she defeated her opponent in round one heat easily. In round one heat she defeated Teresa Bonvalot and Keely Andrew was defeated in round two. Bonvalot is a talented surfer of Portugal and she is just 16 years old who is the winner of Junior Tour in Europe. Still she was defeated easily by Tyler in the first round heat of the Cascais Women’s Pro. Tyler continued her journey in the event by defeating her round three opponent Carissa Moore another well surfer.


Carissa Moore was looking good, ferocious, and confident to take down Tyler. She was chasing two surfers to get the lead in the Jeep Leaderboard. But she couldn’t get the win against Tyler and lost her points to Tyler. Now Tyler is advancing to the world title by taking down one by one with a very good performance. But still Carissa didn’t lose the hope to get advancement in the game, now she is looking forward to another round heat to stay in the game till the very last minute. In this year there are only two more events left after this one, the Maui Womens’s Pro and the Roxy Pro France. So Carissa has nothing to lose right now and she is just behind the leader Tyler with 11,000 points in her pocket.

Tyler wasn’t fast enough in the beginning of this world title championship, but still she somehow managed to be in the lead position. Tyler finally destroyed the round three heat to go ahead in the world title championship quarters. Another great challenger Courtney Conlogue also surfing with great skills to get close to the world title. Quarters of this event will show us who is going to heat the close point of world title. Tyler will win the world title if Courtney gets out from the quarters and if Courtney reaches to the semifinals then the competition will go to France. The shocking fact about this event is that skilled surfer Bianca Buitendag got eliminated from round three heat who is from South Africa.

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