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Why Every Surfers Need to Use a Hybrid Surfboard

For the last few years there has been tons of advertising about the hybrid surfboards. But the only question about hybrid surfboards is what a hybrid surfboard is? Let’s make it clear to you, a hybrid surfboard is a chubby board with a good circular shape and the tail shape of this boards are developed from kneeboards from 1960s. These boards are usually smaller, wider, and flatter in compare to a shortboard. Most amazing fact about these hybrid surfboards is that they provide very good performance in short soft surf. If your typical surfboards are broke down all the time no matter how much money you spend on your surfboard then you need to get a hybrid surfboard without any hesitation, because hybrid surfboards are the combination of multiple design concepts.



Actually, all the surfboards in the world are a hybrid surfboard if you think it literally. It is not a matter of fact what board you are using, every surfboard in this world made with multiple combinations of designs. So if you consider that your board is a hybrid one then there is no problem in such thinking.

But for now let’s not take it too much literally and brighten up the fact about hybrid surfboards. In recent days hybrid surfboards are getting popular day by day for its great working. Now more surfers are using these hybrid surfboards and they are enjoying the ride with these surfboards.

One Made with Two Boards

Hybrid surfboards are made with one fish surfboard and one ultra performance short board. There are so much more materials are used in a hybrid surfboard then just combining two surfboards, but the only motive behind these materials is to develop a board that can be easily paddled, strongly stable, and lightning fast as a fish. Normally a hybrid surfboard features fewer rockers, wider outer with a wide point that is pushed forward, great thickness, working bottom outlines, and a slight pulled tail which will help surfers to increase the performance level.

Let’s give you guys an idea about the best hybrid surfboard. The Hypto Krypto hybrid surfboard is the most used board worldwide and it is developed by the Haydenshapes Surfboards. The design of this hybrid surfboard is not so classy, yet it’s an incredible board. It can deliver a great performance than other typical surfboards.

Hypto Crypto Hybrid Surfboard


If you are having trouble with your regular surf board then my suggestion for you to purchase a hybrid surfboard to get rid of all your troubles within a blink. Hybrid surfboards are so much functional for regular surfing that every surfer will love a hybrid board. In future hybrid surfboards will be the most used boards than regular short surf boards. Hybrid surfboards are also awesome for all the novice surfers out there.

Managing Sizable Surf

While you are surfing in a spot where there are lots of big waves, you will be thinking of a good surfboard that can handle these waves. Fewer rockers of a hybrid surfboard will give you a good functional surfing. The main goal of these hybrid boards is to allow you to surf big waves without slipping off from the surfboard. But no surfboard can guarantee you that you will not slip off from your board when you are surfing after all you are dealing with gigantic ocean water.

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