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Will Jordy Smith Be The Winner Of The 2016 WSL

As you all know there is lots of excitement going on about the WSL 2016, the main big event for all the surfers out there. So there are also many names coming out from lots of experts about who may be the winner of WSL 2016. As per my research Jordy Smith may going to be the winner of the WSL 2016. Because this guy has the potential to win this event without any doubt. If you check his recent surfing history you will also agree with me about Jordy.

Many social media is addressing some good-performance surfers of this year’s Swatch Women’s Pro and Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles. And one more interesting thing about this year’s WSL competition is that we saw some fresh faces in the final line up of WSL 2016 and this is the reason which made this competition so much unpredictable. Another twist in this competition is the wild card entry of Tanner Gudauskas who just came within the blink of other surfers and he earned the ticket to the semi as well. At that time the former world champion Joel Parkinson was trying to set the record breaking performance and he also tried hard to get his winning form back.


After all this talking and performance of surfers at the WSL 2016, the name Jordy Smith came out like a lightning flash. He got the chrome trestle-sized trophy and also the championship title in his head and he was celebrating wildly. With help of that win he is now became a great threat for the world title of 2016.

In this competition Smith played the role of silent killer and he silently progressed throughout this dramatic event while spotlight and media was busy with john John Florence, Medina, Julian, Wilkinson and also on the wild card entry Tanner Gudauskas with the match between David and Goliath. But except all this superstars of surfing finally Smith became the hero of all this media clips with his carving in the bay of South Africa and he is now the most powerful surfer amongst all the surfers of WSL 2016 event.

Last win of Smith takes him to the fourth position of WSL rankings and he gained 35,200 points as well and now he is just a little behind from John John Florence. John John Florence is still leading the WSL ranking with 41,650 points.

Jordy Smith Said, “If I can be in with a shot at the World Title this year then that will be great,” Smith said.

“Europe can go either way so I’m just going to try my hardest and see how it goes.”

Tyler Wright was also got the 4th position in the Swatch Women’s Pro after she wins the last event of the year by riding with one of her good friend Stephanie Glimore. Both these surfers were strongly performed throughout the whole event. Glimore always scored the highest points by riding all the highest waves of that day. But still it was Wright who amazingly wins her 2016 and secured her title. So after knowing all this fact about this championship, now you can also guess who may be the winner of the WSL 2016.

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