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World’s 5 Best Surfing Locations

Surfing is a great passion for all the surfers out there and all of them love to surf around different locations where surfing looks incredibly exciting. Professional surfers think a surfing spot the best in the world when the spot is filled with all the components that make the surfing super amazing. And these components are wind, direction, swell, waves, and seafloor. This type of surfing locations creates craze among the surfing lovers. Wind helps to develop the quality of the tides of surfing, when its power and communication with the direction of the swell. In a definite time the waves of the ocean floor makes an excellent tide condition. Popular and professional surfers visited all the surfing spots to find out which one is the best surfing spot to surf excitingly. So here is a rundown for best surfing spots in the world.

1.      Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii


Hawaii the best surfing spot in the world. It’s heaven for all the surfers who love surfing all the day. Every surfer dreams of this heavenly place and they just want to surf in this place even for once in a lifetime.

This place is just perfect for surfing with its wind, direction, and mostly its incredible waves. The place is located on the kudos island from where modern surfing was created. Waves of this spot are the largest in the world and they are about more than 6 meters from a shallow base of razor-blade table reef.

2.      Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia


The place is considered to be the granddaddy of all other surfing spots around the world. Most of the surfers call it paradise of surfer’s and every surfer wants to ride in this amazing surfing location. Gold Coast of Australia is popular for its 70 km of winds and 4 unique point breaks with the Superbank also. These point breaks are the best breaks around the world. This place will deliver a surfer his best surfing experience of his whole life. So every surfer should ride this place at least for one time in their surfing life.

3.      Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jefrey's Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is very efficient for those who surfs right-handy and trust me it is the best in the world if you are a righty rider of your world. The place delivers long quick barrels off a strong point break. If you are searching for a surfing spot for a really long ride then you can surf in this place without any doubt, because here you can ride up to 300 meters long.

For an easy spot selection, the bay is cut up into sectors such as Magna Tubes, Kitchen Windows, Supertubes, Boneyards, and gnarliest of all.

4.      Taupo’s, Tahiti, French Polynesia


Teahupo’o is known for its deadliest waves and most excellent place in the world. The bay of this place is shorter in length but still it can offer you a great surfing experience. It becomes deadly when the tides get above 10 feet and it becomes the most deadly tides in the world and you can trust me on that. Here is a name of dangerous waves and they call it “Wall of Heads”.

5.      Maverick’s California



According to the legends of surfing the place is only for those who love to play with their life. Waves here like storms are coming because the heights of these deadly waves are more than 25 meters and they can take down anything.

An expert large wave surfer Mark Foo died on this spot in 1994. Now I think you can imagine how dangerous this place is for surfing. Actually this place is for those surfers who have real guts.

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